10 Top Superfoods to eat when you're pregnant

Proper nutrition is crucial at all stages of fetal development, and if a mother doesn't eat right, her growing baby won't either. For easy-to-follow guidelines of the types of foods and nutrients that will support a healthy pregnancy, please read below.

Mother’s Health: Pregnancy

Eat every 2 to 3 hours (keep food in the stomach) Avoid getting hungry, Drink fluids between not with meals, Avoid fried foods, Avoid fried foods Avoid gas forming foods, Avoid foods with strong odors.

Mother’s Health: Breastfeeding

Drink plenty of liquids: 8 cups of fluids per day limit coffee, tea, sodas (beverages containing caffeine) avoid alcohol limit intake of herbal infusions as they may lead to nausea and vomiting in the child drink while breastfeeding If fluid is not adequately taken, the breast milk volume could be affected.

How to wean your child off breast milk

Gradually cutting back the number of times you breastfeed during the day is the weaning method of choice for experienced moms. This slow approach made the transition to a bottle or a cup easier. Here are some weaning strategies that may help mothers through this challenging procedure.