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Kabrita 1 Infant milk


Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for your baby and should be given at least the first six months.

Breast milk contains exactly the right amount of nutrients that a newborn baby needs to grow and prosper. However, if you are unable or unwilling to breastfeed in the first six months, than Kabrita 1 Infant milk provides a suitable alternative. Kabrita 1 Infant milk is made from high quality goat milk that is naturally easy to digest. It is enriched with all required vitamins, minerals and carefully selected ingredients such as unsaturated fatty acids (DHA & AA), prebiotic fibers (GOS) and the unique DigestX OPO-fatblend to ensure that your baby gets all the nutrients that he or she needs.

Kabrita 1 Infant milk can be given from birth until 6 months of age. Please make sure to first consult your physician or nutritionis, if you are thinking about using Kabrita 1 Infant formula as a replacement for breast feeding.

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